Montana Coffee Traders roasts and sells fresh coffee in a manner that respects and supports the community and land that sustains us. We care about the people who grow our coffee and the environment that supports them. By maintaining close relationships with the farmer and others in the supply chain, we share in knowledge of operations such as farming practices, water treatment, employment practices & community programs. 



Approximately, one-third of the coffee we source and roast is organic.  Coffee farmers that are able to maintain an organic certification make a high level of commitment to ensure their coffees are grown without the use of chemical pesticides or herbicides. The practice of organic farming is a win for the farmer, family and community. Over time, this practice has shown to increase bean quality, warranting a higher premium for product while promoting positive land stewardship practices. Organic farming has led to better farming practices for the community overall via education & experience around growing food healthfully, eventually leading to greater food security.


Being an organic certified coffee roaster provides our customers the confidence in traceability of production and processing, with the assurance that the organic coffee they are drinking is produced in a manner they can trust.


Fair Trade

In supporting Fair Trade certified farmers, we stand with a global community to demand higher standards and increased quality of life for everyone.  Fair Trade could be viewed as human & community sustainability; through this trade route, prices are regulated to ensure equitable contracts and sustainable farming practices are mandated and rewarded.  Farmers that are part of the Fair Trade organization benefit through their membership to the cooperative, the Fair Trade organization & premium dollars they receive from the sale of their coffee. 


Farm Direct

Through our own sourcing, we have built direct relationships with farmers at many origins.  "Farm Direct" is a partnership in which the roaster buys directly from the producer rather than from a broker.  This aids the buyer’s ability to negotiate with the farmer on more realistic terms and farmer’s needs.  "Farm Direct" negotiations promote the buyer to pay a fair price, usually associated with the cost to produce coffee, and sometimes geared towards investing in farm and mill improvements.  The “Farm Direct” purchasing model allows for both the farmer and roaster to receive mutual benefits from this nurtured relationship.


Fair Trade and Farm Direct Premiums contribute to:

-        Connection to an international market which leads to increased production & sales

-        Income sustainability to ensure there is money to invest in their lives and their work

-        Empowerment to make the right choices for themselves & their community; gives them a voice!

-        Individual and community well-being are improved by having the power to decide how to invest the Premium based on their community's greatest needs, such as: clean water, education, healthcare, toilets, and air conditioned break areas



Community Values and Sustainability

Wanting to be a positive part of people’s everyday lives, there are four cornerstones we strive for in our effort to be role models and partners to our vendors, customers and community. 



      Thorough employee coffee education (barista training, coffee 101, origin presentations)

      Free Public Roastery Tours

      Free Public Coffee Cuppings

      In-cafe coffee tasting & brewing equipment demos (just ask!)

      Partnership Coffee: a percentage of proceeds from Cafe Monteverde sales


      Approx $10K in annual donations to local non-profit organizations via auction items & coffee services

      Partnership Coffee: a percent of proceeds from the MTPR/YPR Blends

      Environment & Land Stewardship

      Local food sourcing

      Composting in cafes and compost grounds for community members

      Partnership Coffee: a percent of proceeds from the Trailblazer & Grizzly Blends


      Community Coffee Day’s to support organizations such as Abbie Shelter

      Partnership Coffee: a percent of proceeds from the Shepard’s Hand Blend