Fresh roasted coffee’s flavor stays locked in the bean, so to ensure the fullest taste it is best to grind right before brewing. Grinding the coffee creates tiny surfaces from which hot water can extract the roasted coffee’s flavor.  The grind you choose varies according to how you brew the coffee and how you like your coffee to taste.  The basic rule is the less time the ground coffee will be in contact with the water, the finer the grind must be for all of its flavor to be extracted.


Whole Bean -- The best way to buy your coffee to maintain optimum freshness.

Espresso -- A fine grind for home model and stove top espresso machines.

Cone Filter -- A semi-fine grind for a cone shape filter in a drip coffee maker or a pour over Melitta cone shape filter.

Flat Bottom Filter -- A little coarser grind than a cone shape filter. The flat bottom filter is the most common grind for a drip coffee machine.

French Press -- Coarse grind used for a French Press or bistro.

Cold Brew -- The coarsest grind used for cold brew coffee, also known as Toddy.