Rwanda Rambagira



Rambagira Women’s Group


Musasa Washing Station, Gakenke District


Fully Washed




5,200 ft. - 6,000 ft.

tasting notes

Blood Orange, Ginger Snap, Cream

Coffee Story:

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This coffee is 100% grown by the all-female Rambagira group. The translation of “Rambagira” means “spreading the coffee profession to everyone”. Meaning that not only men can cultivate coffee and own farms, but women can too. This has historically not been the scenario, but times are positively changing. This group of women formed in 2012 as a sub cooperative and with full support of the Dukunde Kawa Coop located in the Northern Province of Rwanda. This is the first year the Rambagira Women have had the resources for differentiating their coffee from the other coop members.

This micro lot was achieved by separating their coffee cherry upon arrival to the mill and maintaining this separation throughout processing and export preparation. For the women’s 2019 harvest, they have produced and exported 53 bags (132 lbs./bag) of high-quality coffee. This forward momentum with growth and success is exciting for the Rambagira Women and the Cooperative. The Dukunde Kawa Coop has seen astronomical investments in washing station and dry mill technology. This has aided in achieving lot separation, increase in quality and efficiency, and less waste produced overall. Raise your cup, it’s toasting time.

Coffee Bucks:
12oz earns 5%
5lbs earns 10%