Late one rainy night... In 1981, R.C. Beall was sitting in an all night diner near Glacier Park having a cup of the worst coffee and pondering how to make a living in this incredible part of the world. Could roasting and selling a great cup of coffee be the answer? And so, armed with a small home roaster, Montana Coffee Traders was born. Texas Coffee Traders began in 1994.

It's the freshest coffee... From a restored old farmhouse we roast our beans fresh daily and send out orders each day to cities around the world. We begin taking orders early in the morning and we roast what we need for that day. By doing things this way, the customer is always guaranteed fresh roasted coffee.

Montana Coffee Traders is located in the Northwest corner of Montana, in the city of Whitefish, home of the Big Mountain Ski area, and gateway to Glacier Park. The working environment is unique: Coffee Traders practices a philosophy of worker empowerment where employees are allowed to create a work environment that provides room for individual growth.