Roast Guide

Montana Coffee Traders uses small-batch, air bed roasting to highlight the flavor of our arabica beans.  Air bed roasting achieves consistent roast temperatures without the beans coming into direct contact with a heating element. 

As the green beans roast, the interior cell structure starts to break down, releasing aromatic oils and other flavors.  These flavors gradually develop as the beans are roasted.  Simply stated, the roasting process changes the composition of the natural sugars in the bean.  The longer the beans are in the roaster, the darker they get and the more”carmelized” the natural sugars become.

Light/Full City Roast

At this level the natural sugars of the bean have fully developed and the regional characteristics are best distinguished.  The beans have a rich brown color and mild character, yet the natural acidity of the coffee is at its highest.

Medium/Vienna Roast

The beans are just at the edge of darkness and caramelization of the sugars has begun.  The oils in the beans are just beginning to come to the surface.  This level of roasting produces a full, rich flavor and maximum sweetness.

Dark/French Roast

The sugars are burning, yet they remain in balance with the regional character of the coffee.  The beans are dark brown with the coffee oils visible on the surface.  This roast produces a flavorful and smooth cup of coffee.

Italian Roast

The sugars are burnt.  The beans are ebony colored and very oily.  Regional characteristics are diminished and a bittersweet flavor lingers.

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