Honduras El Manzano



El Manzano, Maria Elena Vasquez Marquez


Santa Elena, La Paz, Honduras


Fully washed




5250 feet

tasting notes

Orange Blossom, Ginger Snap, Marmalade

Coffee Story:

Whoa does time fly!! It’s hard to believe our budding relationship with Maria Elena Vasquez Marquez, the farmer behind this coffee, is cresting into its 4th year already! Maria Elena’s dedication to her coffee farm El Manzano, and diligent processing of her coffee, is easy to recognize in the cup quality that we have received from her yet again. For those unfamiliar with Maria Elena, she is a hardworking farmer, who owns and operates her farm and micro mill, located in the South Western mountains of the Montecillos coffee region. Maria Elena is a member of Catracha Coffee Co. Her membership aids with the necessary final dry mill phases, quality sorting and exporting of her coffee.

Catracha Coffee Co. works in partnership with the local farmers in the Santa Elena area of Honduras. They function as a community driven social enterprise with programs ranging beyond the scope of coffee. Catracha Coffee Co was founded on integrity by rising one another up for the health of the community by way of programs offered. They have been instrumental in assisting their farmer partners with increasing their coffee quality and offering technical assistance at the farm and mill level, in the continued strive for coffee excellence. Catracha Coffee Co. has been at the forefront in securing for their farmer partners, both the cost of production and a living wage through realistic and thoughtful negotiating. With climate change dictating coffee crops successes and failures, it is now more important than ever for these relationships between farmer and roaster to be strong. Cheers to another year working with Maria Elena and Catracha Coffee Co.

Coffee Bucks:
12oz earns 5%
5lbs earns 10%

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