Ethiopia Deri Kochoha



Deri Kochoha Mill, Oromia Region, Guji Zone


Fully Washed


Heirloom Cultivars


5415 - 5740 feet

tasting notes

Jasmine, Earl Grey, Pluot

Coffee Story:

We are ecstatic to bring to you a fresh offer from the birthplace of coffee, Ethiopia. This fully washed coffee was grown in the Guji zone within the region of Oromia. The mill used for preparation of this coffee, Deri Kochoha (this coffee’s namesake), is in the town of Hambela Wamena, in which the 700 collaborating farmers bring their coffee cherries to get milled, processed and ready for export. The Deri Kochoha mill takes great care in the sorting, pulping, washing and drying of the coffee.

This coffee was prepared to Grade 1 standards meaning it is free of defects, and must exhibit distinct attributes regarding flavor, sweetness, body and aroma. High altitude, iron rich acidic soil, known as luvisolic soil, and a dry climate create the ideal growing conditions, contributing to the success of this delicate, yet effervescent cup of black gold. Shifts in the environment’s climate have made new challenges for these farmers, such as needing to adjust processing times for coffee and the techniques used. However, their learning curve and versatility with farming while experiencing changes in climate has been extraordinary and shines throughout the cup’s unique character.

We are roasting this coffee at one roast level that best accentuates the nuances of the growing terroir. It is our pleasure to introduce this new offer to you all ~ raise your cup, it’s toasting time!

Coffee Bucks:
12oz earns 5%
5lbs earns 10%

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